Prayer, Tuesday July 14, 2015

St. Paul’s Cycle of Prayer – Tuesday – Seekers and other Young Adults, those in our community who are unchurched, our community and those in need, especially Family Promise and CROS ministries

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I just love the book of Acts. These stories of the earliest Christians as they defy the authorities and preach so powerfully, heal so amazingly, spread the good news so wonderfully are truly inspirational – and at times hilarious. Today’s lesson from the 12th chapter has the miraculous escape from jail by Peter, led out by an angel. When he arrives at the gate to the house where the others are staying, the servant girl is so shocked to see him, she leaves him outside the gate to go tell the others! Can you imagine Peter, muttering to himself “an angel broke me out of jail and I can’t even get through the gate of my house!”? So my question for you today is – do you ever leave God outside the gate? Godly people? May we always be ready to welcome all in the name of Christ.