More on Day Two (a walk in the woods)

**Update **- I did a lot more than “a little” walking. Using a map I crossed Monk Road onto the 1500 acres the monastery owns.

I was intent on finding the statues area. It didn’t help that I was reading the map upside down, I ended up climbing a couple of very steep hills before noticing my mistake. I had a little distance to make up and I set off for the woods trail to the statues.
Once I found the marked trail I was in the woods for sure. There was a path with the occasional sign saying “To the Statues”,

to remind people like me they were going the right way. The path was very slippery due to rotting leaves on it and in some places stones which must have been there forever and were covered with moss. At one point you cross a creek on a tiny bridge, and a bit later up a set of stairs that are basically a ladder built into the hillside.

I finally made it to the first set of statues, they are small but strategically placed to give an idea of the garden.

Past these are the newer statues commissioned in honor of Jonathan Daniels. They are stunning. One depicts the 3 disciples sleeping (“can you not watch with me one hour?”).

The other is a tormented Jesus, kneeling on a stone to pray, in anguish asking God the Father to “take this cup from me”. I spent time praying by both of these statues, reflecting on Jesus’ last days.

I hiked back out of the woods and back to the monastery, over all I walked over 7000 steps and 3 miles, almost all of which was in the woods and up and down lots of hills! It was worth every minute, but I was soaked in sweat by the time I got back to my room.

My walk was timely because that night and the next day the temperatures dropped to the low 20s! No snow but too cold for walking in the woods! More to come….

4 thoughts on “More on Day Two (a walk in the woods)”

  1. I love the pictures of the path through the woods and the statues. God’s presence feels near in such a place.

  2. I can see why your retreat ment so much to you and renewed your love for your calling He works in wonderful ways to help us.Thank you for sharing your journey with us.It will help us all.

  3. Love your style of writing
    I could see you on your walk in the woods
    So real
    Good for the soul to be on retreat
    May your time be blessed with all that you need

  4. Beautiful statues! Must have been a great walk alone in the quiet with just you, God and nature! Thank you for sharing.

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