Zoom Bible Study opportunity

One of our main focuses at St. Simon’s is helping each other become better disciples of Jesus. The study of the Scriptures is a primary path to becoming a better disciple of our Lord. During  the Great 50 Days of Easter season, I will be offering a four week study of 1st Peter, a powerful letter from the disciple Peter to churches persecuted and scattered all over the known world, and a letter with great meaning to us today.

All are welcome to our bible studies as they are presented in person (usually in the Parish Hall) and on Zoom (links are below), with a morning offering at 10:30am and an evening offering at 6pm. We will begin the study of 1st Peter on Tuesday, April 9th

You are encouraged to invite others to join us, no matter their church status. I am also including below a link to previous Bible study videos, feel free to share this link as well.

I know many of the followers of this blog have been part of previous Bible studies at other churches. I do hope any interested will join us for this study of 1st Peter.

For anyone wanting to join the classes, you can come in person (bring a Bible but if you forget we have plenty), or join on Zoom, and if you are new to our Bible studies at St. Simon’s, PLEASE send me your email address so I can add you to the weekly reminder email we send out. My email is: [email protected]

God bless and may your Easter season be joyous.

Fr. David+

The zoom links are the same each week

Zoom link for morning class:  


Zoom link for evening class:


Website for videos of previous classes: