Recovering and watching

I had knee surgery last Monday – arthoscopic. I had a torn cartilage that really reared it’s ugly head on the Appalachian Trail hike last April with my son’s class. I couldn’t put it off any more.
Recovery has been fine so far. I did the crutch thing for a day and a half and have hobbled without them since. My LW has taken WONDERFUL care of me. Spoiled me, actually. Sweet to have a nurse at home!
I have mostly finished my sermon and now watching the Weather Channel as Hurricane Katrina moves into the Gulf. Looks bad, again, for the Florida Panhandle. Those folks need a break. You wouldn’t believe the number of roofs still with tarps on them from Ivan last September. Then Dennis hit very near where Ivan did.
It’s almost September and my beloved Cubs are out of it, again. You can see why some of us (ahem) still harbor much anger to the foolish fan that got in the way of a possibe out vs. the Marlins in 2003. We knew these chances just don’t come up very often.
The Diocese of Mississippi had a Tent Meeting Revival last weekend. It was AMAZING. Largest gathering of Episcopalians in our history, over 2000 braved the August heat (the tent was air conditioned, of course) to be inspired by our Bishop’s vision for the next 10 years. We will plant 3 churches in 3 years, increase attendance, reach out to children and serve our communities in better ways. The diocese has been restructured and the Bishop plans to be our Chief Apostle, instead of CEO – and he was right on target Saturday. It’s very exciting.

4 thoughts on “Recovering and watching”

  1. We are getting prepared. This one could be brutal.
    Tripp, if u are serious, let me know. I will have a lot to say about who the planter will be. We have someone on board for a Young Adult plant in Jackson already, if you want in the mix, email me
    [email protected]

  2. Get the waterwings, David. And hang in there.

    Also, let me know if your bishop is interested in a good Baptist to help with one of those church plants!

  3. Yes, I am getting more nervous all the time. We are packing up the church, although we will hold services in the morning. This looks bad for my area. THe church is right on the beach – a previous version was demolished in Camille in 69. It’s wood frame and if the storm surge is high, could be lots of damage.
    My home is 1 1/4 miles from the water, out of storm surge range but certainly wind damage a real possibility.
    I am supposed to go to the doc Monday, but who knows now? I think I tried too much too soon on the knee as it hurts more now than it has all week. Oh well. Tennis is 2 weeks? I’ll let ya know.

  4. The track I’m watching has it coming right for your house. Batten down the hatches and get that leg in shape to run.
    BTW when can you play tennis on it again?

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