I admit, I am scared

When I was 11 years old the strongest hurricane to hit the US, Camille, came on shore. It actually passed (the eye) right over where I now live, in Pass Chrisitian, Miss. I was in Hattiesburg, 60 miles north. We had 150 mph winds and were without power for a week. That’s nothing compared to the devastation on the Miss. coast. The church I now serve, as well as most of the Episcopal churches on the coast, was destroyed.
This storm is now at Camille levels. While the exact point of landfall is unknown, we will certainly be severely impacted. We are less than 30 miles from the Lousiana border and the mouth of the Pearl River, which is the center of the projected path cone.
We packed up what we could of the church, we’ve boarded windows, etc. My church sits on the beach, a beautiful church in a beautiful spot – and the predicted storm surge, should it occur, will most likely destroy it.
I am going to a parishioners home about 8 miles north of the beach. We will hunker down, we have supplies and a generator. That’s all we can do. I feel I need to stay in the coast area to be available to my parishioners once the storm passes. I pray it’s the right decision.
Please pray for all those in the path of this storm. As I type, the wind is already gusting. Pray God acts miraculously to send some high level wind shears and take some of the power out of this beast.
I don’t know when I can post again. May God bless you all.

17 thoughts on “I admit, I am scared”

  1. David,

    Know that I’m praying for you. In Ohio we took 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday. I can’t imagine the storms fury on the beach if it was that strong still by the time it got here.

  2. I heard today through his daughter that david and family are OK…but his parish is another story.
    Lord have Mercy

  3. OK, I’ll admit that I am scared for you too David. I do not know Mississippi geography well, but I do know that your state was hard hit last night. Praying that you and yours are well and safe. Praying for your personal strength too.

  4. Brother, let us know how things turned out as soon as you have an opportunity. We’re praying that New Orleans’s relative peace wasn’t bought at the cost of your community.

  5. Thanks Ryan. It’s 4 am, just lost power. The folks we are staying with have a UPS so we will be online another hour max.
    It’s howling outside, and Katrina is not even on shore yet.
    Waiting for an update. Praying it is weakening.

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