One of those bittersweet days….

A little something while I ponder what it means to have a blog nobody reads….
This morning, bright and early, we head north about 4 hours to deposit middle child at college. She will be going through rush this week, so she is a tad nervous. Beyond that, her mother and I are basket cases. Isn’t this supposed to get easier? NO!!
My oldest has moved back home to work full time a while and save some $$ before venturing back into college mode. So the family home dynamics are interesting to say the least as we have prepared middle child for her big adventure. She chose her in-state college so she can reunite with her friends from the Delta, my Curacy two years were good for her. She is rooming with her best friend, we are very happy for that. Ole Dad has mixed feelings about the sorority stuff, but I think she will handle it well.
Tears will be shed for sure. I will miss her terribly. She is a very sweet kid, and as prepared as any can be, I suppose. Still, I look at this incredibly cute picture of her on the beach at 3 years old and wonder what happened. Today, she is amazingly beautiful and strong….and I DON’T WANT HER TO GO. There. I said it.
But go she must, as we all do. Prayers are appreciated.

8 thoughts on “One of those bittersweet days….”

  1. Jim
    You crack me up – STOP COMING HOME CHILD! Baby boomer kids are called boomerangs for a reason – they keep coming back whenever we throw them out. My oldest as exhibit A.
    Still, mine can drive home, Wes, I feel for you. Good luck in this stressful transition.

  2. Months at a time would be fine—mine has driven back each weekend so far—at about 22 mpg highway this is going to stop.

  3. At least you’ve gone through this once. This is the first time for me.

    Daughter leaves for college on the 29th. We’re in Seattle, she’ll be in Rhode Island!

    It didn’t hit me until yesterday that I’m not going to see her for months at a time.

    I’m happy for her, but I’m going to miss her.

  4. I’m glad to hear that you sent off your middle child with a Southern Miss. t-shirt. Your children were born to grow up different than you. I keep saying that to myself each time Adam and Stephen put on their fencing gear rather than their baseball glove or football helmet.

  5. State??!! Ole Miss would have been fine as would USM but STATE?
    Oh well at least she is going to a state school. Mine got just enough of a tennis scholarship so that I think I can afford a private school.

  6. No, I am heartbroken and ashamed to say one of my children is attending……..Mississippi State!
    Actually, it seems to be an excellent fit for her – and I guess (sigh) that’s what matters!
    I did send her off with a Southern Miss t-shirt…….

  7. We just helped our only child move into his dorm Saturday. I hope he is going to class. Where is she going? Couldn’t talk her into Southern Miss?

  8. Not quite “nobody,” dear. On the rare occasions you post, I do indeed read your blog. I can sympathize with your plight: our eldest graduates next year, and she’s already very much looking forward to flying the coop.

    I’m not, so much.

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