Katrina update

Every day I hear from people, churches, groups that are helping. Money is being raised, supplies sent, etc. The major frustration is coordinating everything and finding a distribution point. We may have that settled very soon.
Meanwhile, the situation is still pretty horrible. Health concerns are mounting. We have no water or sewer and you know what that means. I am trying to get my folks OUT of town, there is not much they can do especially the homeless. I am up to 27 parishioners whose homes are completley gone. It is mind boggling.
Tempers are up and frustration levels are sky high.
We met as a church yesterday in the 105 degree heat. 45 good people, we cried together (a lot), rejoiced in our blessings, shared CHrist’s body and blood together. I annointed each person with oil and prayed for them after they took communion. It was a very very moving time, I will not forget it.
Please keep thinking of ways you can help. Push your churches. Don’t stop. This will be a long, long haul.
Bless you all.
David Knight
STILL THE RECTOR, St. Patrick’s, Long Beach, Mississippi

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  1. My husband’s office is gone. Only the tabby cement steps stand. The National Guard found bodies on the office property. Our home stands but is in the midst of trees. Go to http://www.katrina-responseblog.blogspot.com for information about Gulfport and the UMC ministry there. The UMC’s were there first, all other aid showed up later. Praying for you all.
    I’m up East putting our daughter in school. I’ll be home eventually and will be ready to help as we re-build. Maybe you’ll come to the coffee drinking preachers when we get together again, okay?

  2. Your strength and faith are amazing, David. You are certainly in our prayers – please keep letting know what can be done as time goes on.

  3. Your example of faith and hope keeps us out here much encouraged.

    You and your continue in our prayers.

    The Lord bless you and keep you
    The Lord make his face to shine upon you and have mercy upon you
    The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace

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