Holy Land Day One

We are off to a good start. Although I am sad that one of our group was unable to make it (she’s ok), 35 of us managed to arrive at the Miami airport and go through the truly amazing Israeli security for El Al flights.

We are on a 787 Dreamliner and this plane is fancy! As I type this we have about 9 hours to go to Tel Aviv. Everyone is very excited and ready to begin our journey.

Jennifer and I had a few days ahead of the trip for a little RandR in Miami (including spaghetti and pizza for Thanksgiving dinner! If you know me, you know it made me happy!). We are refreshed and ready for a holy adventure.

Stay tuned for updates. Israel is 8 hours ahead of FWB so my posts may arrive at awkward times for you. Just keep checking! Also if you follow me on Twitter or you have “liked” the St. Simon’s on the Sound Facebook page, notifications for new posts will show up there.


8 thoughts on “Holy Land Day One”

  1. Look forward to hearing about Day 2.
    I’m sure you guys are getting ready for “beddie-by” here shortly!

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