Holy Land day 2

Internet access is very spotty so trying to post on the bus.

After a very exhausting plane ride we met Reuven our tour guide and loaded up the bus. Reuven and I decided to hit some holy spots on the way to our hotel in Tiberias. First stop was Ceaserea Maritima. We saw an amazingly restored amphitheater and Roman aqueduct right on the shore of The Mediterranean Sea. This is way Peter met Cornileus the centurion and baptized him, opening up the way of Christ to the Gentiles.

From there we went to Megiddo (Armageddon ). And ancient “Tel” or man made hill has been excavated and found there are evidence of Canaanite sacrificial worship. Later Solomon made Megiddo a stronghold and King Ahab soon after built it up more and dig out a water supply system which we actually got to walk down into and back out again. It’s about 9 stories deep!

On Megiddo you can see the fields where Revelation says the final battle will take place.

On from there we went to the beautiful Mount of the Beatitudes where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. There is a monastery built by Franciscans and still maintained by the sisters there. The chapel and grounds are gorgeous. We entered the chapel as a group of Greek Orthodox were singing, in Greek of course.

Completely worn out we made it to the hotel, tired but excited! Our hotel is on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and the sunset today was breathtaking. Seeing the lake up close really allows one to picture Jesus and the disciples and the crowds. We stand on Holy Ground!

5 thoughts on “Holy Land day 2”

  1. What a full arrival day! Thank you for summoning the energy to post pictures and the descriptions – such a gift to all of us who are traveling along vicariously. Rest well tonight weary travelers.

  2. Wonderful pictures and scriptural comments. It brings back such wonderful memories of our journey there with Chip Stokes many years ago. It was a pilgrimage that deepened our faith. I love reliving it with you!

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