Morning Prayer 10/3/18

If you are following along, please post your thoughts, concerns, questions in the comments. I am hoping the experiment of “trying on” a Daily Office this week will allow us to engage much more deeply into the offices of Morning and Evening Prayer during our Christian Ed time on Sundays.

Psalm 101 today really spoke to me. It reminded me of advice I often share with others – get rid of the toxic people in your life! 

“1 I will sing of mercy and justice; *
to you, O Lord, will I sing praises.

2 I will strive to follow a blameless course;
oh, when will you come to me? *
I will walk with sincerity of heart within my house.

3 I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; *
I hate the doers of evil deeds;
they shall not remain with me.

4 A crooked heart shall be far from me; *
I will not know evil.”

In the St. Simon’s Cycle of Prayer  for Wednesday –Pray for our youth and children, pray for our SS teachers, nursery workers, and all who work with our young people. Pray for Children in Crisis and Opportunity Place. Pray for staff, teachers, and students of Elliott Point Elementary School.

8 thoughts on “Morning Prayer 10/3/18”

  1. Okay–today I tried the Noonday service on Forward Movement. I liked it. Generally, reading on a computer screen isn’t very spiritual for me, but it worked!
    of course, I have questions though.
    It offers an option of “Daily Prayer Preferences” and once again I am confounded by the calendar options. It defaults to Lesser Feasts and Fasts, 2009, but there are other options and I’m not sure which to choose, as I don’t understand their significance. other options: As printed in the 1979 BCP; Lesser Feasts & Fasts, 2009 with trial collects; (Unofficial) Great Cloud of Witness with trial collects.
    I could go on for days . . . remember you asked for questions!

  2. I am still being a faithful Morning Prayer person…today, WOW! I would not like to be the lector for today’s Old Testament reading!

  3. Way to go Paige! Digging into the Settings, I love it! And rest assured you are not the only one confused by calendar options – all of General Convention is too!
    Bottom line is this – you have seen the calendar printed in the BCP and you know there are “Lesser Feasts and Fasts” who are listed in the calendar (the “non bold print” ones). But in between publishings of the BCP, General Convention can (and does) add people or events (but mostly people) to the calendar. They are usually added for a 3 year trial, after which they can be made permanently part of the calendar of saints, or not. Takes passing at two consecutive GC’s. Thus the book “Lesser Feasts and Fasts (LFF)” was created to include these new commemorations, and LFF is updated from time to time also (that’s why it says “2009”, that’s the last official one).
    After 2009, the Standing Commision on Liturgy was tasked with basically redoing all the Lesser Feasts, adding more people, especially women. They produced something called “Holy Women, Holy Men (HWHM)”, which GC authorized for a 3 year trial. The trial was a flop. The committee included a lot of questionable folks, including some who were not even Christian, and removed some old favorites. HWHM was rejected and GC authorized a new look at it all. This produced “Great Cloud of Witnesses (GCOW)”. This was also authorized for trial and found lacking. So at the last GC the Commission was directed to produce simply a new LFF with some new people added, but people that there was greater consensus for. That LFF is now a trial use approved calendar.
    So what the Forward Movement app does is allow you to use just the calendar in the 1979 BCP, as amended over time, OR the last approved official LFF (2009), or the new LFF which includes trial use of several commemorations, or GCOW, which while not the official calendar, GC did approve for use if anyone wants to continue to try it out.
    Clear as mud? Thought so!

      1. Since one purpose of GC approving trial commemorations is for us to try them out, I would go with the LFF 2009 with trial collects. It’s what I use, if that matters…

  4. Question is Mission St Clare not the best way to do Morning Prayer.I thought it was following BCP.It is so easy to look up each day and have the prayers for that day already set along with songs being sung

    1. Mission St Clare is the easiest app I’ve used. But the FWD Day by Day app does allow incorporating additional collects and different scripture passages based on which Santorum calendar you use. It’s just a personal preference. Both apps will select Canticles and scripture based on the lectionary, with the exceptions noted above.

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