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Currently at St. Simon’s I am leading a class on the Book of Common Prayer. This is, partially, in response to the General Convention resolution calling upon the church to more intenseley and intentionally live into the 1979 BCP.  My class is going into much greater depth than my typical Confirmation/Inquirers class.

To that end we are taking a good long look at the Daily Office. This past Sunday I challenged the class to say Morning and/or Evening Prayer every day this week and then we can talk about what that was like for them, what questions they have, how the experience of this type of prayer time was, etc. I also showed them some online and smart phones tools they could use if they so desire. That list is below:

Daily Office

Links and Apps


Fr. David’s blog:


Daily Office








Mission St. Clare free, Android too

My Daily Office

Forward Day by Day $7, Android too

eCP $10, Android too

Anglican Hours

Daily Office Lectionary

Mobile web site: http://www.stbedeproductions.com/breviary/mobile/

4 thoughts on “Daily Office help”

  1. The last two days have started with a much deeper relationship with my normal morning prayers and readings. I am finding, as I did today, that the readings, and particularly the prayers have been so relevant to what is going on around me.

  2. So far I’ve gotten the morning prayers accomplished with the help of the Misson of St. Claire…not so successful at evening prayer yet. I like it though…I especially like knowing someone, somewhere is doing this at the same time. Thanks!

  3. okay. I’ve tried morning prayer–rite one twice this week. I am struggling with understanding some of the “proprietary language” used throughout the BCP (such as the words Michelle referred to the other day). It is breaking my flow (or “harshing my mellow”), but I will persevere.
    Questions: 1. What does “proper” mean?
    2. Did you already explain the lectionary calendar? (The explanation in the BCP reads like a package of pantyhose–reinforced toe, no seam, control top, opaque, size A if you’re under 5 feet and less than 90 lbs–but I digress.)
    3. Please review the proper (meaning: appropriate) insertion of the Canticles.

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