GC 79 post 2 The Way of Love

Although my committee had to meet during the opening worship (I know, but was only time slot), this place is buzzing from the Presiding Bishop’s sermon and materials handed out calling for a Way of Love. Please go to this link to watch the sermon and see what  this is all about. I am SO excited about how to join in this movement with my own parish! The Way of Love PB Curry introduced:

The seven practices provide a Rule of Life that all Episcopalians are encouraged to adopt:

  • Turn: pause, listen and choose to follow Jesus
  • Learn: reflect daily on scripture, especially the life and teachings of Jesus
  • Pray: spend time with God in prayer every day
  • Worship: gather in community for worship every week
  • Bless: share one’s faith and find ways to serve other people
  • Go: move beyond one’s comfort to witness to the love of God with words and actions
  • Rest: dedicate time for restoration and wholeness

Check it out!

This afternoon we will deal with the recommendation from the special committee on prayer book revision. Shockingly they are recommending we go forward and asking for 2 million dollars to fund it! Incidentally they held a hearing at 8 am on Wednesday, when a lot of folks were not even here yet, that was lightly attended with few folks testifying. A later hearing would have certainly brought many more people to speak and listen. This topic is too important and I anticipate a brutal floor debate today.

As the resolution currently stands I am leaning against supporting it.

More on this later, this morning we also are having a joint session on racial reconciliation which should be really interesting and helpful.


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