General Convention is almost here

Greetings on behalf of the Diocese of Central Gulf Coast General Convention Deputation.

GC#79 is almost here and your deputation has been preparing for several months for the big event.
General Convention, which takes place every three years, will be held in Austin, TX the first two weeks in July. I am honored to serve as Chair of the Deputation and this post is the first of many we will provide along the way. Various members of the deputation will contribute to our communications efforts each day and we hope to include video “vlogs” as well.
The deputation has met as a group twice – an overnight retreat in January and an all day meeting in April. In addition most of us attended Province IV Synod at Kanuga a couple of weeks ago where we joined with all the dioceses of Province IV to hear from Michael Curry, our Presiding Bishop, and Gay Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, along with other officers and leaders of the church. We were given previews of several controversial resolutions, discussed the preliminary budget, and reconnected with friends from across the southeastern dioceses of the Episcopal Church.
Our diocese is well respected across the Episcopal church and several members of your deputation are serving on legislative committees as well as interim bodies which continue the work of General Convention during the three years between conventions.
Alternate Deputy Vince Currie (Christ Church, Pensacola) is completing his last year as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Church Pension Group. Alternate Deputy David Quittmeyer (Trinity, Mobile) serves on the Program, Budget, and Finance Committee as well as on a Task Force to study church leadership and compensation. And Deputy Scott Remington (St. Christopher’s, Pensacola) served on the Standing Commission on church structure, governance, constitutions and canons.
At General Convention resolutions are dealt with by legislative committees. From our deputation we have Deputy Gary Moore (St. Paul’s, Daphne) serving as Vice Chair of Racial Justice and Reconciliation, where he is joined by Deputy Joe McDaniel (Christ Church, Pensacola). Deputy Remington is on the Constitutions and Canons committee. The Reverend Jim Flowers (All Saints, Mobile) is on the Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Music committee. The Reverend Peter Wong (Nativity, Dothan) and myself are serving on the Dispatch of Business committee. Peter is liaison to Program, Budget and Finance and I am liaison to Christian Formation and Discipleship. And Bishop Kendrick is serving on the Congregational Vitality committee.
My next post will provide links to resolutions and a preview of some of the “hot button” topics we will be dealing with.
General Convention is two weeks of very long days, with some outstanding worship, important decisions to struggle with, lots of prayer and many connections with thousands of people across our church. It is an honor to serve this diocese in this way. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any members of the deputation with questions, comments, or concerns. We appreciate your support and especially your prayers.
The Reverend David Knight (St. Simon’s on the Sound, Ft. Walton Beach).


Diocese of Central Gulf Coast General Convention Deputation:
Lay Deputies:
Gary Moore (St. Paul’s, Daphne)
Joe McDaniel (Christ Church, Pensacola)
Scott Remington (St. Christopher’s, Pensacola) June Linke (Christ Church, Pensacola)
Alternate Lay Deputies:
David Quittmeyer (Trinity, Mobile)
Lynn Ferren (St. Patrick’s, Panama CIty)
Vince Currie (Christ Church, Pensacola)
Eugene Johnston (St. John’s, Mobile
Clergy Deputies:
Peter Wong (Nativity, Dothan)
David Knight (St. Simon’s, Ft. Walton Beach)
John George (Good Shepherd, Mobile).
Jim Flowers (All Saints, Mobile)
Alternate Clergy Deputy:
Jo Popham (St. Stephen’s, Brewton)

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  1. Thanks to you and everyone who will be attending…this will be a great way to stay connected with what is taking place!

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