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Well so much for that…

Well so much for that…

September 6, 2017 11:52 am2 comments

Headed home. No way I can “retreat” with such a monster storm headed to Florida. The path looks better for panhandle right now but we all know those models are just educated guesses.

Either way lives are already being lost and incredible damage will continue along Irma’s path. Walked their beautiful labyrinth this morning praying for all victims of Harvey and Irma. May God be with you.

The retreat center is really lovely and I wish I could have stayed and prayed more with the sisters in their gorgeous chapel.

The pic is of the labyrinth which sits at the gate of the cemetery. Oldest grave I saw was from 1905!


  • Gail Wright

    Blessings to you David we left Boynton today and are heading to Ashville NC to attend a celebration of life of a good friend and mentor who passed away last week

  • Ellen Dodson

    This is a beautiful labyrinth, Fr. David.

    I hope you’ll return someday in the future and perhaps I’ll help make it happen….

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