Small Victories

I know, I know. I wait too long in between posts to think anyone is ever going to continue to stop by and read what I have to say. But, I am not giving up (yet) on the blog, so here goes some updating.

It’s been such a busy 5 or 6 weeks. From the parish cleanup day on our church site at the beach, to our Annual Meeting where we listened to our people tell of their pain and sorrow and hope over the rebuilding of our church, in particular to returning to the beach site or not, to our Diocesan Annual Council, which was excellent by the way, to a vestry retreat, to now – it’s been non-stop. In between we’ve waded in the waters again – as we finally had water connected to the office trailer only to have a pipe burst and flood the main office. It remains disconnected, finding folks to work on such minimal problems is impossible.
The events described above have been both affirming and difficult. Under the surface I have been subjected to, let’s say, some painful times. I am unsure as to why, and totally confused as to what about, and can only pray in my despair.
However, the vestry retreat was superb – the best one I have ever been a part of. Our leader did a wonderful job and we all came out of it refocused on the tasks ahead. He helped us see the value of claiming “small victories” along the way, recognizing that the overall tasks ahead of us are so huge that it’s hard to chip away at them.
We have already claimed some SVs and more coming soon. I also sense a rededicated group willing to establish good norms in how we work together.
Out of pain comes hope…..

5 thoughts on “Small Victories”

  1. Still reading, still praying, and will keep the Lent & Beyond intercessor list up to date with prayer needs too. Praying for Katrina recovery is close to many of our hearts.

    Thanks for the words about small victories. I’ve been facing an overwhelming work situation, and these words resonate. The suggestion to break overwhelming tasks down into manageable chunks and celebrate each small accomplished step is an excellent one, and a needed reminder.

    May the Lord surprise you with joy and lavish His grace upon you each day in ways beyond what you can imagine.

  2. Defintely stil here, and glad to read news whenever you get the chance.

    On Small Victories… thats what I think Philippians 4 is about… whatever is true, whatever is honorable. if there is any excellence and fi there is anything worhty of praise, think about these things.


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