Christ the King

I am not sure what led me to try this. Perhaps a great lack of sleep? Insomnia ruled last night. Some of these words were buzzing in my head so I thought I would offer them. I don’t write poetry, but here goes…


It is Christ the King Sunday

or so we are told

by some while

others mock and scream Papist

Yet does the calendar deserve the blame or the fame

Is Christ the King

the better question

what is a king who is the Christ

We are told of a two edged sword thrusting

from his holy mouth

Riding his white horse

Ah! The horses the horses come

other ones displaying proudly their colors

Some shriek death and pain and war

Is this the king we deserve

And is that what matters with this king

The King of Love my Shepard is

Or perhaps. Mayhap. 

The Shepard of Love my King is

In this I hope

And cling

And scream

And wish the horses away

7 thoughts on “Christ the King”

  1. Yes indeed, the Shepherd of love my king is!
    And sleepless nights can produce inspiration.
    Thank you David and have a blessed Thanksgiving. Stay well and healthy

  2. I am sorry you lost sleep but we are the beneficiaries of your beautiful poem! Night, night!?

  3. Please, when you feel that God has something for you to say, don’t be afraid that perhaps it is not God. If it is it will help so many. If it isn’t it is ok too from you.
    Those words you feel are from God are such a blessing.

  4. Great poem special during these crazy times.I truly understand why you could not sleep.All we know is that our God is in control.Thank you as always for your words

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